Imperial Tobacco


Located in downtown Cocoa beach, Imperial is a Kava bar where people can unwind and relax with naturally sourced ingredients and beverages alike. Now expanding into Web3, Imperial aims to foster a culture of mental health awareness and overall wellness in all of us.

Kava is a natural plant from Fiji often praised for its relaxation effects which can ease anxiety and stress. It is often made into a beverage that is non-addictive, safe to drink, and rooted in centuries of history across Melanesia and Polynesia.

Yes! That is correct.

We will first launch a presale for our Imperial-Listed members to give them an opportunity to mint an NFT one day earlier at (X) ETH. After presale concludes, the remaining supply will be available for public mint at (X) ETH, and available for everyone to access until sold out.

 By actively engaging within our Twitter and Discord community, you will come across many opportunities to earn an allowlist spot to mint . This includes giveaways, contests, server events, and more! By securing your Imperial List spot, you will secure a discounted mint price, earlier mint access, and other sweet perks.

As an Imperial List member, you will be able to mint 1 Imperial NFT during our Presale. During Public sale, you will be able to mint 1 additional Imperial NFT at the Public mint price.