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Functional mushrooms are types of fungi that are renowned for health benefits beyond their nutritional compositions. The exact Benefits depend on the species of mushroom used.Functional mushrooms are often categorized into two main groups: medicinal mushrooms and adaptogenic mushrooms.

Medicinal mushrooms contain compounds that provide specific health benefits. Many of these mushrooms offer antioxidative and cytotoxic properties1, meaning they may be able to inhibit the damaging process of oxidation as well as kill harmful cells. While these mushrooms may provide medicinal benefits, it’s important to recognize that they’re considered dietary supplements. That means they’re regulated by the Food and Drug Administration as food, not drugs

Adaptogenic mushrooms contain adaptogens – compounds that help bodies adapt to and fight off chemical, biological, and physical stress. Rather than relieve a cough or get rid of the inflammation that’s causing a headache, adaptogens help our bodies’ stress response systems function as they should.

The important thing to remember with medicinal mushrooms is that they are adaptogens, and so they only show results after long periods. The benefits of medicinal mushrooms are obtained through prolonged use.

There is no research to indicate one way over the other. Each body will respond differently to medicinal mushrooms so find the method that works best for you. Some may find a better response when mixing with food whereas others may respond better on empty stomachs.

Lion's Mane in the Morning, Chaga in the Morning, Cordyceps-M in the Morning or early afternoon, Reishi in the Evening and night time, Shiitake in the Evening time, Maitake in the Early afternoon, Turkey Tail in the Morning or afternoon.

Yes, you can take all of the mushrooms you have ordered together at once if you wish. There are some studies that suggest a synergy when you consume various medicinal mushrooms at once making them even more potent and effective.